We place the art of humanity and excellence above all else. Our aim is to improve our artists, ourselves, perhaps even the world. HUGO brings together a team of very special people. For now you will know us by our HUG number…

Am I HUG-1? Am I HUG-5, or HUG-22? Stay and find out.

We carefully nurture the talent already attracted to our Imprints. We are making our mark. We are doing the next right thing. The momentum builds.

Yes, Imprints. HUGO includes our children’s Imprint, LITTLE HUGO, where you will find storytelling and adventure like never before.

Call us unusual, or different, or whatever you want, we are HUGO and HUGO means Big Business with exquisite, finely tuned details.

Think of us as a flight wing of stratospheric angels. Getting things on song brings a smile before it brings anything else.

And smiles are contagious.